Full Residential Renovation

Ideal for those who have bought a new house or apartment and need a partial or complete remodeling such as new floor, kitchen and bathrooms from start to finish.
We’ll take care of all steps, desing concept, material selection, material specification, construction management, supervision, budget management, purchasing, installation and staging.

Full Residential Decoration

Ideal for those who have a new build, empty house or just rental that needs all rooms to be filled with furniture, soft furnishings and accessories.
We make sure your empty house/apartment is transferred into a home that will be amazing.

In-Home Renovation Consulting

We review plans, give feed back and direction for aesthetics, style and finishes.
We help you with anything from choosing the perfect tile to working out the best way to update your living area.

In-Home Decoration Consulting

A great place to start if your homes needs an update with paint colors, finishes and furnishings, you will receive feed back and our recommendations for direction of aesthetics & style.
We will help you to improve the light and space with some specific advise on chairs, floor coverings and decoration. We will give all the information needed to purchase the decoration to make your dream home.

One Day Makeover

Ideal for those that only want to decorte on room or space. We will meet with you in your home for an initial consultation. You will tell us about your style, needs and budget.
On the day of the makeover, we can paint, install wallpaper, rearange furniture, shop necessary lighting, accessories and artwork to complete the room.
The makeover takes approximately 4-6 hours to turn an ordinary room into extraordinary! The dramatic results will astound you! You will feel as if you are walking into an entirely new room and will be amazed by the fresh look your own furnishings have taken on.


We’ll ask you to answer some questions, take some photos, dimensions and tell us about your style and budget.
Once we have what we need, we’ll put together a complete design concept that includes a floor plan, a design board illustrating a concept, and a list of what you’re going to need to make it come alive.